Level of innovation. Airside Innovation works on several different aspects which constitute innovations on a global level

  • Standardization of data from the AGV`s to the fleet management systems, with standard API`s (application programming interface) to the analytic tools.
  • Development of good, agile, presentable and robust safety cases2 including research-based evidence.
  • Establish a set of “trigger” values that are the base for the monitoring of AGV`s “behaviour”. These values will be built on current and future global regulations and airliner/ground handler SOP`s (Standard Operation Procedures).
  • Developing software that can support the “behaviour” analytics.
  • Good and robust API`s to the airport`s existing SMS (Safety Management System) with the goal of generating “one line” occurrences for evaluation by the airport safety and quality managers. Today there is no other stakeholders within the airport segment that is doing this type of work. The whole concept of AGV`s are quite new and a lot of work must be done by the equipment suppliers, the ground handling companies and the airliners. Airside Innovation, as a certifying body, also wants to be an active stakeholder in this work.

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